Quotes from IoT Media Interview in China

Quotes from IoT Media Interview in China


BEIJING, Nov.29th, 2017 – Borqs Technology Inc. held a group media interview at Borqs headquarters in Beijing where executive vice president and president of international business, George Thangadurai, delivered a speech about Borqs introducing solutions, products, partnerships and business models to the assembled media.

Quotes from the event:


There are many GPS positioning tracker products on the market, but to be considered a user-friendly product, it should contain numerous features, including capabilities to be able to locate network connections and have an extended battery life. Borqs’ trackers have the capability to connect to mobile networks, IoT, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all with the touch of a button and allow for location reporting as well as provide cloud platforms for the data generated by the tracker. The trackers can also be set to a safety range—once it is out of the range, its monitor will receive a warning and the location. They can also set off warning flashes to alert others the kid, elder or pet is lost. If any good Samaritan clicks on the tracker, it will automatically send a phone call to the monitor.

Smaller companies are unable to provide such sophisticated software solutions as Borqs. For example, they may need long time to secure network certification. But for Borqs, based on strong Boss system and open SDK platform by their MVNO united corporation, there are less obstacles to accommodate a complete set of services, eliminating the tedious operational processes.

——Communications World Weekly


Borqs designs rugged smartphones that have four models for a well-known American company. Previously, Google’s Android mobile OS did not support the physical keyboard. Due to functional requirements, Borqs improved the Android system to be able to successfully provide a physical keyboard connection in MIL610G durability. It also has emergency Push-to-Talk functions to keep users safe. This is a very basic IoT device that has been launched in the third generation of devices.



Borqs has experience working with telecom operators around the world. With more than 10 service providers including AT&T, China Mobile, Claro, Orange, Reliance Jio, Sprint and Verizon, Borqs can help enterprises obtain the global positioning of IoT devices, a difficult task for other IoT system providers.

——Business Times


As a best-in-class end-to-end solution provider including hardware, software and integration capabilities and the ability to realize mass production support starting from day-one and leverages unique chipset partnerships, Borqs capitalizes on its deep relationships with chipset vendors and early access to next generation chipsets. Our large Android and IoT software IP library – covering chipset software, Android enhancements, domain specific usage and system performance optimizations combined with our Android License from Google – enables compatibility and integration with Play Store for customers’ customized IoT devices and bundling the SIM card with connected devices for China market launches, – makes Borqs a pioneer in the space.

——George Thangadurai, Executive Vice President and President of International Business