Borqs announces modular solution suites to address IoT growth at MVNO World Congress

Borqs International Holding Corp (“Borqs”), a global leader in software and products providing customizable, differentiated and scalable Android-based smart connected devices and cloud service solutions, announced today its cloud services unit-- Yuantel Communications plans to deliver modular solutions suites to address unique requirements of the fast growing IoT market segment. 

Yuantel has been ranked as the 2nd most successful MVNO operator in the huge China service provider market among the 42 licensees, as measured by the subscriber size, settlement volume, and service quality. Yuantel recently participated in MVNO World Congress, held in Nice, France, April 24-27. At the conference, Yuantel CEO, Dr. Gene Wuu, attributed such success to its high service quality and innovative franchise model. 

In anticipation of the explosive growth of IoT in coming years, the network carriers, solution providers, and service providers have increased their pace of investment in IoT through network infrastructure, devices, and service innovations. One key driving factor is the maturing of LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technology such as NB-IoT and eMTC (aka LTE-NB1 and LTE-M1). Borqs believes that selling mobile data alone would not be enough to justify the ROI. Clearly innovative E2E services, from device to service delivery, and creative product branding, pricing, and distribution are key factors to succeed in this market.