Borqs Awarded at Intel CTE CEO Summit

On March 20th, 2015, Borqs was listed the Close Collaboration Partners Awards 2014 by Intel for its highly cooperative performance in this year and long-term support to the company in the field of Intel platform. The tablet produced by Borqs and Intel sold 1 million in 2014, for which Intel to recognize and honour its partners.

Borqs has in-depth collaboration with Intel in strategies and products as its long-term partner. Thanks to the close collaboration between the two companies 1 million tablets were sold in 2014. “Borqs had always enjoyed close collaboration with Intel, and had achieved positive results in smart terminals. In order to satisfy clients’ requirements, Borqs combined the Intel X 86 platforms to provide clients with integrated software and hardware solutions. In future, the Company would continue to persist in its technological innovation and maintain its research and development advantages in lower-layer technologies. Its business would cover the software and hardware of all smart connecting devices. The Company would continue to intensify its collaboration with Intel in 2015 to create quality products.” said by Mr. Bob Li, Senior Vice President of Borqs.

Mr. Maurits Tichelman, VP of Intel, expressed that Intel implemented the strategy of manufacturers producing tablets using Intel processors in 2014 and effectively increased its market share to become a true tablet manufacturer. Over 200 types of tablets with Intel Inside were in the market worldwide in 2014, and it had joined hands with more than 20 OEMs, ODMs and distributors in China.

The core of the Borqs brand is to remain technologically innovative. Currently, the Company’s business covers all the software and hardware solutions for smart connecting devices, including lower-layer chips, applications based on Android and Firefox operating systems, industrial-level design, controllers and more. Furthermore, Borqs has acquired the key resource of mobile network portal through virtual operations with its Chinese partner.