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SmartPhones & Tablets

We create innovative and differentiated devices for enterprise & consumer.
Borqs’ proprietary Android+ Software platform provides a robust and an enhanced version of the standard Android platform for differentiation.

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Devices for Vertical Segments

We design and deliver the complete device and E2E cloud solutions to meet
stringent requirements of vertical segments.
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Smart Wearable Devices

With trendy industrial design and innovative technologies, Borqs Technologies Inc. creates award-winning wearable devices that provide users with compelling experiences for fitness and tracking for children, adults and the elderly.

SIM interaction
Enhanced features
Hundreds of customs style
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In-vehicle Integration Solutions

We deliver complete connection solutions for automobile OEM manufactures, offering a secure client-to-cloud connectivity and real - time OTA.
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Solar and Energy Storage Sytem

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Smart Home Solutions

An intelligent system that allows unifying a myriad of smart and standard home appliances, working on different network protocols.

Enjoy the services of Les Clefs d’Or—anytime and anywhere.
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Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Our connectivity "Business Unit"—a virtual network operator enabling internet connectivity—provides delivering, integration, enabling as well as settlement services and solutions for businesses in the mobile communications industry.

  • ● A mobile communication services and solutions platform for IoT devices, ODMs and partners.
  • ● Over 10 million SIM cards online sharing.
  • ● Cumulative registered users of 10 million in past 4 years.
  • ● An intelligent mobile telecom products platform for MVNO franchisees.
  • ● Rank in Top 3 MVNO in China.
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